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Oh, the calamity!

It's been five years now since we were shooting Horror Incorporated. The show has been gone for a while now, but the fellas have been uploading clips to YouTube.

This one holds a special place in my heart. I think this particular vid was at the peak of what we were doing, and even though this is just a teaser, it highlights some of my favorite moments as DP. And if you look closely, I'm actually in here twice... and g33kgoddess and avindair even show up at the end.

It eventually ended badly, but I learned a great deal about how to light scenes quickly and still get good results, and I will always remember these particular times with warmth. Since then, I've grown in my abilities (thanks largely to g33kgoddess and avindair), but we really did some damn fine stuff when we had the chance.

It's nice to catch a reminder now and then.
Tags: filmmaking, halloween, horror

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