Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Can't sleep. Last-minute remembering stuff to pack and general excitement about Omegacon and getting the hell out of the house and away from job hunting for a few days has me churning.

This year I'm not driving, since theophania_79 is coming for her first Omegacon and we're taking her van. I have a lot of stuff, and I hope it will all fit, since damncutekitty is coming along too, and three people and their stuff in a minivan... yah, it should be fine. The massage table is big, and there are some other things that come along with it including the "tent" frame (also slightly improved from last year), which may have to get strapped on the roof.

This is also my first Omegacon post-surgery. Considering how much of the weekend revolves around foodishness, it will be interesting to see how that all pans out.

But oh, so very much needed right now.
Tags: omegacon

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