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I am exhausted, refreshed, partied out, and content.

It was I think an exceptional year.

Special props to burnunit and mrs_lovett who kicked all sorts of ass on consuite.

There was hot tubbing in the mornings. There were a lot of massages, for which I was actually more prepared to handle this year; I was a little worried that after the surgery I wouldn't have the muscle to do it, but it worked out well, and the tent frame stayed upright until it was time to take it down. I also set a personal record for giving massages this year, which also led to some consideration of opening up the massage studio again during the unemployed time to pick up a few bucks here and there. More on that later.

Two things I got to do this year that I haven't really done before at Omegacon: read beside the fire (which almost resulted in falling asleep), and play a board game (Last Night on Earth) as well as an epic game of Uno with theophania_79 that we ended up calling a draw.

And I got downright loopy. It was delicious.

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