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Shooting today was canceled at the last minute. On one hand it sucks because the re-planning is a PITA; on the other, it gives me more time to polish up equipment (I need to grease up the dolly wheels) and make the barn doors for the fluoros.

Tonight is Quantum of Solace with my honey.

Job contact asking me what it would take for me to move to Huntsville Alabama to design some damn cool multimedia stuff for vehicles. I gave him back a number that's highly unlikely to be taken seriously, but would be persuasive were they to offer it. It would be enough to cover not only the existing mortgage, but a place in Alabama and plane fare to fly back and forth once in a while.

There's another possibility locally that would be back working for someone who I enjoy working with, doing something I enjoy and building her business with a new client with deep pockets. It's still sketchy, but I'm hopeful.

A couple of other possibilities floating, but no solid offers.

Holding pattern.
Tags: building stuff, filmmaking, movies, unemployment

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