Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I had a dream...

First phase:
My penis broke off. I don't remmber the exact circumstances, but it wasn't trauma or anytyhing, it was rot.
I grabbed the broken-off piece and headed for the clinic to see if they could reattach it, but I was embarrased and dawdled. When I finally got there, they told me that it couldn't be reattached because it was just so much dead tissue, and the best that could be done was being fit with a prosthetic.
The nurses that were trying to fit me kept guessing at the wrong size-- they kept guessing too small. Like ridiculously tiny. And then I had to have one for normal use and another for sex, but they had a special one for sex that had a thumb built in. And it moved.

Phase two:
Three friends of mine were on a plane that was blown up by terrorists. Dealing with the aftermath, meeting with the spouses and loved ones of those friends. No specific imagery.

Phase three:
I was working in an office and giving a tour to a visiting engineer. Suddenly there was a commotion in the lobby-- a woman wanting to come in, saying it was a life-or-death emergency, while one of my co-workers was saying that she was just his ex and not to let her in. The visiting engineer asked if the clocks were right, and they weren't. All of the battery-operated clocks were saying 11:20 when it was actually 2:45. I had to reset them all.

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