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I wasn't eaten by a grue

Well, I nearly made it. One workbench is assembled and in place, the second one needs two more pieces cut and assembled because it's in a different place where I can't easily brace it, but I'm tired and I've had enough for the night.

Another cubic yard or so of debris and crap; I'd solidly fill a 3 cubic yard dumpster. Trash day is tomorrow, and I hope they take it all. There's still a bunch more crap to toss that I haven't even got to yet, but I don't need to get to it ASAP.

Tomorrow I'll have to finish the last bench and start moving stuff into the basement, start the holiday cooking prep, and do a general cleaning of the main floor. That's a hella lot, and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to fit it all into one day. I suppose it fits into the category of underestimating the time needed to do something because there's always something unplanned that happens; today involved killing a shop vac, having the wrong wood, having to remove old nails and deal with old wiring, and a few other things that were annoyances.

The workshop layout is starting to become clearer, or at least what I need to do to make it work. What I really need is one super-long bench, one floating table, and to put the rest of the shop tools on wheels so I can move them as necessary. I'm debating on whether the radial arm dado saw needs to be permanently mounted on the long bench or whether I can move it around as needed; the frame for it isn't exactly the most sturdy piece of engineering, but having the ability to move it along the bench makes for a lot more versatility when I have to cut notches in longer pieces of wood. And cutting notches sucks unless you have a nifty radial arm dado saw.

For now, what I have set up will work. Eventually I can make it better, but right now I'm just trying to make it to turkey day.

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