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In a weird twist, I ended up doing some salvage cleaning in the basement. Essentially I took stuff apart that I've been keeping for parts and salvaged the parts, tossing the rest in the recycling. It's far from over, but it was kind of calming. After the stairmaster-workout I got the last few days, sitting and working on something detailed was good. It's also promising, in that I now have a start on a supply of parts for the projects I want to do.

And I lost track of time. I think I spent something like six hours taking stuff apart and sorting it.

Tomorrow I think I will start cleaning again, probably with the kitchen. Deal with the aftermath of Thanksgiving. And if it behooves me, maybe take a spin up into the studio and collect some like-minded materials for salvage and storage as well, since I know they're there.

At some point, I need to get/find/create more shelf space to store the sorted stuff. It's kind of weird finally collecting all this stuff together. It's like coming out of a thick fog.
Tags: building stuff, cleaning

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