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I have a fondue pot that mom gave me. It's from 1972, and apparently was one of those open-an-account-at-TCF-and-get-an-appliance giveaways.

I've never used it. It was still wrapped in plastic.

I decided to use it to reclaim my sculpting clay.

You see, when plasticine (Roma Plastilina) is used with plaster, small bits tend to break off. To filter these out, it's necessary to melt the clay and pour it through a sieve. The fondue pot is currently full of the clay to be reclaimed, melting on low heat. I have a sieve, and a small cardboard box lined with wax paper to pour the clay into, to sort of re-brick it.

It's not perfect, but it's cheaper than buying all new clay.

The likelihood that I'll be hosting a fondue party is pretty minimal, considering I've never used the fondue pot before. And really, if I do end up wanting to do a fondue (fondue-do?), I can probably buy a new one.

The chances that I'll need to reclaim clay in the future is pretty high. Higher than a fondue party, I do believe. </hr>

I'm holding off the snowblowing until tomorrow, as the snow is going to keep up until late morning. I've heard 4-6 inches kicked around, and with the wind blowing, there will be snowdrifts. Hey, it's not like I have to work in the morning.</hr>

I had an in-person interview last week that went fairly well, but I have some suspicions about the company trying to pull a fast one and being a ready-made stress bomb. The company was recently bought by a Japanese overlord company that has a significantly different strategy, and there are some... adjustments... that they are expecting. I am not exactly the kind of person who wanders well into the salariman role.

I did however have a pretty decent phone interview with a company today. Cool company, cool technology, a variety of types of work that I am interested in. Downside is they're in Faribault. That's a 50-minute commute one way. Since gas prices are lower and I have the hybrid, it's not as much of a pain in the ass, but it's still a pain in the ass.

They're talking about two weeks before a possible in-person interview. If they get to the point of actual negotiations for the position, I might see if I can do some home development, or a four-day week, or some kind of
conciliation to reduce my time on the road. At this point, it's premature to even consider. And it's likely that I wouldn't be able to do anything for a while.
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