Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Massage Gift Certificates available

Many of you know that I do massage for my friends, particularly around the time of Omegacon; some of you have taken advantage of my services and I think been happy with me. I've considered more than a few times opening up a studio in my house to take in clients, but I've always come to the conclusion that I'd rather keep it as something more special for my friends.

(Side note: if you've had a massage from me and you've been happy with it, a recommendation would be appreciated. You can post a response here.)

You're also probably aware that I was laid off several weeks ago, and haven't had any real luck in getting a new job. It's a combination of an economic recession and a difficult time of year, but the end result is that I have no expectation of a job offer in the near future, and even the timely resolution of unemployment issues is in question.

So it's time: Starting December 18th, I'm opening up the massage studio for clients.

My rates are $60 for a one-hour massage, $90 for 90 minutes. And because it's the time of the holiday season and gift-giving, I'm also setting up gift certificates that you can purchase in advance for friends & family, or for yourself for a future time.

If you're interested, send me an e-mail: magicmarmotstudios(at)yahoo(dot)com to set up an appointment.

Also, I'm aware that a number of my friends are in a similar boat with money being tight and having talent in various areas, so I'm willing to consider bartering my services. If this is the case, e-mail me and we'll talk.
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