Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

This was the second interview, the first live interview after the phone screen. That alone is a good sign.

The interview was four-plus hours, divided into three phases: meeting with the development team folks, meeting with the VP of operations and the VP of Organizational Performance, and the tour/debriefing interview with the tech folks again.

It was a high-pressure interview conducted in a rather relaxed manner. Odd combination, but it was very much a think-on-my-feet kind of deal. Part of the fun in that is I am odd for an engineer: my approach is very creative and systems-oriented rather than being vertical and detail oriented, and as it turns out, that is something specific that they are looking for because the job entails a lot of versatility in being able to not only handle embedded systems, but PC applications and PLCs as well as system architecture and interfacing to building automation and Smart Home systems.

That's very cool and right up my alley, and I think I got that across.

The office itself is located in Faribault, about 50 miles south of my house. The commute isn't as bad as I would have thought: about 50 minutes from my door to theirs in moderate traffic. And with Nookie, the mileage is tolerable. I'll have to take a cue from avindair and get some audiobooks or podcasts to listen to. Assuming I get the job.

Seems like a good group of people. The corporate environment is really heavily R&D-based and not as stuffy as a lot of places. People seemed genuinely happy to be there. If they hire me on, they would be doubling the size of the software team. It's really hands-on and gettin' dirty, which nearly has me drooling... they have Lasers. Serious lasers.

They're also looking to add some software, and possibly some manufacturing process implementations. This dovetails well with my previous work at Bose heading up the software process development, and they were really eager to learn more and asked specifically if that's something I'd like to have input on, also an excellent sign.

Next step is that they will ask me for recommendation contacts. That's unlikely to happen this year, and the job won't open until next year at the soonest.

But they are actively growing and hiring people, and are building a new factory/facility starting in 2010.
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