Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I have a pretty decent DVD collection.

My tastes tend toward low-budget horror movies-- and if you didn't know that by know, you haven't been watching-- with a lot of zombies sort of splattered in there as well. Not actual zombies of course, zombie movies. If it were actual zombies, they'd probably have started smelling bad by now, and they'd be keeping me up at night with their incessant moaning for brains.

My collection isn't the largest by any means: I know of two families that have considerably larger collections, and can believe a handful of others. At some point, it probably gets too big, to the point where you can't actually watch all of the DVDs you have.

Then again, my DVD collection didn't really start off being a collection, and it still isn't the main purpose. I'm not in it to compete, I just like movies.

But then madolan posted a list of movies that she watched in 2008. A lot of them were zombie movies. Zombie movies I've never even heard of.

I feel so inadequate.

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