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This is supposed to be a trailer for a zombie movie with strippers.

I'm oddly enchanted and repelled at the same time. This movie ain't no Zombie Strippers-- it makes ZS look like an Oscar contender-- but the tune is catchily misogynistic, and the over-the-top campiness is almost redemptive of the knuckle-dragging Coors-swilling backwoods redneck attempts at humor.

(Actually, I seriously doubt that there is an actual movie-- I think it's just a music video put together as a "trailer".)

And since we're on the subject, I've noticed that a whole lot of the YouTube Zombie short films are done by high-school age folks. Some of them are pretty good in that six-dollars-and-a-pizza kind of way. Most of them are... well, most of them are watchable anyway. But I'm intrigued at the age bracketing, and whether that's primarily a YouTube phenomenon or whether it's that the zombie genre is more approachable to teenage angst.

Or whether zombie films are considered juvenile.

Most of the zombie films made by teenage boys tend to be more violent and simple, very videogame-y in style and content. Not big on story as anything else than a framework to hang violence on. And that's fine as far as it goes: it's not exactly an artistic filmmaker path, but by default it is a first step, and some of these kids may go on to make better stuff later.

But there are a couple that have some more depth and content to them, and these are the ones that I'm mostly encouraged by-- the ones that show budding talent-- where it holds the promise of something more in the future.

The zombie genre has some great symbology that fits well into the teen-angst philosophy. Back in the prehistoric days, I was one of those "gifted" adolescents, stuck between the dual pillars of "good potential" and not being taken seriously because I was "just a kid". Back then, I vowed as I got older to be more receptive to the actual gifted teens and encourage them when I was able.

(Of course, this was before the days of heightened wariness of child predation, and I'm paranoid that I may be taken the wrong way, so I am very careful to not be inappropriate. Parents tend to wig out when a middle-aged guy wants to hang out with their kids and talk shop.)

The frustration is an awful lot like futility, and the relentless limitations that are put upon you as you start to learn that you aren't really a special little snowflake and the world that you were so gung-ho to take on is gonna make you it's bitch and toss you away like a used condom wrapper.

So zombies as the nameless, faceless, relentless machine make for good angst-fodder.

Of course, I may just be reading too much into it. Maybe it's just cool.
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