January 7th, 2003


Naugahyde is not a color

Took some time to explore LiveJournal a little bit. Finally found the placeto change my colors and moods, so I set it to something that I found pleasing. Also added my picture. And found eldogo had added moi, so I had to try and figure out who eldogo was. Finding that this is kinda fun.

Went for a walk earlier. Spent about two hours strolling with the pooch, which is a small miracle for me because of the arthritis. I think that means it's either getting better, or I've finally sawed through the nerves.

Job interview tomorrow. It's a strange mix: the interview is not about a specific job, but because the HR person saw my resume on Monster, and it was just too good of a fit to pass up. After my first phone call with her, I had to agree. Small company that provides engineering services, privately owned, and the areas they cover fit extremely well with my skills.

I've been on a LOT of interviews. You tend to do that as a contractor; it's like going to auditions when you're an actor. After a while you get to like them. This one should be pretty low-key, as there isn't a specific position immediately available, but they are talking about expanding.
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If you were to win the lottery...

Everybody's played the game "What if I Won the Lottery". It's kinda fun to daydream what would happen if suddenly you had enough money to pay off everything and never have to worry about money again.

I got thinking about it today while walking the pooch, in the context of a job interview. If I never had to work again, what would I choose to do?

First, I'd pay off all of my debt.
Second, I'd fix everything that is wrong with the house.
Third, I'd throw a hell of a party.

But the biggest thing I'd probably do is to start a company where I can get all of the creative, talented people I know together and let them loose to come up with cool stuff, and actually pay them to do it. As it turns out, most of my friends are creative and talented (news flash: if you're reading this, you are probably among them); I tend to shy away from the boring and unimaginative. And almost to a T, those same friends are underpaid and unappreciated.

I was thinking of a studio complex. Film and video, music and audio recording, and live performance space, and probably a dedicated haunted house space as well. A special effects studio and a computer lab with a T1 line thrown in. A motion-picture theater. A really cool grotto with a hot tub. And probably a cool house, because I'd want to live there.

The obvious point of this question is to try and establish where your heart is. That is supposed to be the thing that you should try and do for a living.

I think this means I should be a philanthropic control freak.
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I am so very charming.

First things first-- I kicked ass at the interview today. It was nice and low-key, and I was on top of my game. I'm pretty sure I'm at the top of their call list, which is a nice place to be. Unfortunately, there is no job quite yet. There probably will be, but whether it's a couple weeks or a couple months away is unknown.

So, keeping the options open. Things do genuinely look good, and places are starting to shake up a bit and send out feelers for jobs. I think there is still a lot of caution, but the pshchological effect of a new year is positive.

I stopped by and talked with an old boss for a few minutes today. His business is pared down to himself and one other guy, and he's hanging on by a shoestring, but he is still there. We told horror stories and shared our hopeful outlook, and it was kinda nice.

The bad part was that I missed the first half hour of Judge Judy.

C'est la Vie.