January 18th, 2003


Busy day

In preparation for shooting days coming up in a couple of weeks, I've started repairing some of the lights and equipment that I have:

Fixed a light stand that was damaged on our last (Fright Farm) shoot.
Added a baby mount to the newly-refurbished Colortran.
Added dual purpose baby/junior mounts to the Lee Babys.
Quick fix-ups of the Lee Babys-- lube, sand, paint, silicone, glass shock absorber, replace damaged and missing screws.

Downside is I ended up spending about $50 more than I wanted to. Three new mounts at 18, 18, and 15 bucks apiece, plus some new stainless-steel screws.

Going to the location Tuesday for a preliminary lighting and shot plot, so I have to work up a shooting and lighting base plan.

And I love it. :)

I had an interesting idea for a lighting rig. If I can figure out how to actually mount it on the camera, it should be cool.

Other than that, no job prospects. I did find an incredible opening at an ad agency, but the guy that I needed to talk to was not in the office.

Sleepy now. Didn't eat well today, and I need to change that habit.

Little Bastard

I finally got to bed around 2:30 this morning. At 5:00, Micha (the cat) decided he was hungry.

Now when the Dark Master decides he wants something, he is none too shy about letting us know. His gentle way of prodding us is to get up in your face and meow as loud as he can. Or if we are both sleeping, he likes to run and jump on the bed, bouncing on both of us and disappearing off the other side, then he nonchalantly walks up with this "Oh, you're awake now? Good, then you can pet me" attitude.

I fed the little prick, then settled back under the covers. Just as I was falling asleep, he woke me up again-- this time, he wanted chocolate donuts.

Reminds me of what 'catapult' means.
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Bitch, bitch, bitch.

I have a tendency when friends call me to chat and I am working on a project, I keep working. I don't think it's particularly rude, it's just the way I am. When I get working on something , I want to keep working on it until I finish.

Tonight I got chastised for it. I kept working.

Got two lights done tonight. I had to go out and buy more hardware, but now they are finished and ready to go. I also got the preliminary shot order done for TTTH, and we have a verified shoot date. It will feel good to get back into shooting again. Except for the whole loading up the truck with equipment thing.

I need slaves.
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