January 23rd, 2003


Ravioli! Yum!

Warm food is good. The space heater under the kitchen sink worked, and now we have water in the kitchen again, but I hate heating with space heaters. The cost of the electricity is horrendous, and the risk of fire does not make me comfy.

Couldn't sleep last night, so I did some cleaning. I did a surface cleaning of the bathroom downstairs, and conquered the Catbox of Doom. A word of advice if you have cats: don't use cat litter made of wheat. Barb was experimenting, and found some "environmentally friendly" cat litter made of wheat whey or some such, and I have discovered that not only does wet wheat become glue, it also *ferments*. I'm a clumping convert.

Jobsurfing update: the audio engineer job at the ad agency is turning out to be a PITA. The creative director apparently does not return phone calls to job applicants, nor does he respond to e-mails, and this does not bode well. Second, the job has been re-listed with slightly different wording: "...enjoys a hectic agency work pace...". This is a definite buzzphrase meaning that you usually get projects that require a superfast turnaround, and screw the quality.

I'm getting the feeling that this job is not one that I will like, purely because of the business environment.

On the creative front: filmmaking abounds. I have to re-organize and pack equipment, but that's not exactly a huge effort. There is some panicking going on with the newly-named director, but he'll be fine. The reality of it is that this is an easy shoot.

A line I want to use in a movie somewhere: "There's something flying outta my ass, ans it's not monkeys!"