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January 25th, 2003


Awake at 5:00, for no good reason. I went to bed at about midnight last night, slept in my clothes. I wasn't planning on sleeping, as I wasn't at all tired, but Barb was having a hard time falling asleep, and wanted to snuggle. Five hours later, I am awake, and unable to fall asleep, so getting up is the only option.

Bear in mind that from July through December of last year, I was getting up regularly at 5:00 for a job in Owatonna, but I was always on the road and had a distinct goal.

My first impression is that early-morning TV is utter crap. I have never seen so many infomercials and just bad programming in my life.

So I'm figuring that I can work on the website update. I'm having a hard time with it, and I'm debating starting from scratch. Definitely compressing everything.


Finally completed the website update. Spent most of the morning redoing individual pages and clearing out the junk. Did a lot of streamlining, and had enough room to upload some new audio clips, including two lost episodes of "Dave & the Frenchman"! Way cool!

Somewhere around 11 hours today though. I think I can take the rest of the night off and not feel guilty. :)


Chocolate doesn't suck.

Had to run to the corner store to pick up some ice. Figured I'd get a treat and pick up something chocolate-cake oriented.

They were out. Convenience store my ass.

I broke down and picked up a box of brownie mix, and I actually baked brownies. Yes, I, Rob, actually baked something in the oven. And Yes barda, I know it doesn't count because I didn't do it from scratch, but at least I had brownies.

Stifles the craving.

I should be sleeping. I'm heading toward being tired, but I'm not quite there yet. I don't understand what happened with this day, but I'm getting a guilt-free sleep tonight.

I even took the dog for a short walk tonight. Her feet got cold, so we cut it short (well, I got cold too, so it wasn't that hard to convince me). And I did a tiny bit of cleaning in the studio. It might be the industrial-strength ozone generator that I had running all night.

This coming week is mostly for planning and prepping for the shoot this coming weekend. And a little job hunting. And hunting for large sums of cash.


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