January 27th, 2003


Blast from the Past bites me in the butt

Several years ago (like 5), I was in a show called "St. Valentine's Day Mascara", which was a combination improv/sketch comedy show. Bear in mind that this is a show where I wore a giant diaper, sang a blues song, and was electrocuted.

Well, while surfing, I found a link to a review of the show that I had never seen:


Check out my hair in the picture.
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Upside, downside

Sounds like Supercon was a success, and a good time was had by all. Wish I could have been there to soak in the hot tub and just have a break, but alas the money is too tight to be spending freely on such things.

I broke down today and spent almost 90 bucks to get my prescription refilled. Or one of 'em anyway-- I'm still holding off on the cholesterol meds until things loosen up a bit. And that isn't going to happen until I get a job again.

Bad news, a letter from the IRS. Not very understanding folks, the IRS. They want money, and they won't be denied. Nothing that you can do short of dying will alleviate the debt, and even then they still want money.

The downside is that with our current status, we don't make enough money to pay the IRS and the house payment, much less everything else. Trying to borrow money has turned into a disaster: the only thing that we have as a possibility is refinancing the house, and seeing as I am unemployed and we have a spotty credit record, the interest rates that we've been seeing are atrocious, even before we get to the borrowing part (consider 14% interest on a loan of $170k).

There are no options left: I need a job that pays well, and I need it now. And that very thing is completely outside of my control.

Frustration does not begin to describe what I am feeling.
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