February 2nd, 2003


It's Marmot Day!

The pagan celebration of the Marmot's return from the underworld, in which he pierces the thin veil in between worlds to test the readiness of this world to accept his return. If the spirit is too bright, he retreats back into the underworld's shadow to await the next alignment. Usually means six more weeks of winter.
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Son of a bitch.

My overhead shelf in the studio decided to pull out of the wall, and dumped a whole bunch of stuff on my head. Fucking ow. Now I have a headache and a mess to clean up.

Awesome and wonderful day at the film shoot. Just under 12 hours of work with a director who decided that all of the storyboards were wrong and was NOT going to compromise on his vision, even though he didn't really have a clear vision of what he wanted but he'd "know it when he saw it". Aargh.

Fortunalely we had a cute young girl with a lot of patience who became his babysitter and was able to appease him while Tony managed to kick some ass in motivating everyone to get shots.

Twenty-eight different setups, most of which had 4 or 5 takes, some up to 11. Luckily we used "natural" light for a good chunk of 'em, so most of those shots went fairly quickly.

I was fairly happy with the way that most of the shots came out. There were a few that I wan't completely happy with, primarily due to the white walls in the apartment where we were shooting (I hate white walls for lighting), though if I had flags I could have probably taken care of it. As it was, I had to make to with aluminum foil.

And I had no sleep the night before, as I was having to make some adapters so that my equipment would work with the camera, so when I was on set, I was really zoning out a couple of times.

And even with all of the exhaustion and frustration, I found myself having a completely wonderful time. And I made a lot of other people happy.

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