February 5th, 2003


Meme of ethics

1.) You find a wallet with $1000 in cash. There is an ID in the wallet, but you recognize the person as someone who is a known underworld figure, suspected of murdering several people. Do you try and return the wallet?

2.) You discover that your boss is about to fire you. You also discover that your (married) boss is having a clandestine affair with his secretary. What do you do?

3.) You come home to discover that your roommate has eaten the last pudding that you were really looking forward to. What do you do?

4.) You show up to your blind date, and they turn out to be quite physically unattractive. You decide to continue the date, and they turn out to be intelligent, witty, and charming. Do you agree to a second date?

5.) On a business trip, you meet a stranger that you hit it off with quite well. After a few drinks, they offer to have you come back to their room for a little hanky-panky. No one would discover you. Would you do it?
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Woke up in the middle of the night with nasty sinus stuff. Impossible to sleep, even after a cuppa TheraFlu. Tried Benadryl later, still fulla snot. Maybe a cold.

And Congrats to wiredferret and Sil for the Llama-ette!
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