February 18th, 2003



Okay, so appaently the audio engineer position is still open, as I got a phone call this morning for an interview. I go in at 3:00. More later...
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Interview, the aftermath.

Pretty decent first-round interview. The place is a radio advertising company that specializes in quick-turn advertising. It's not real heavy production, it's mostly cleanup and sweetning of spoken-word ads, not even music under. I can do that in spades, with almost 20 years of experience. However the position will essentially be responsible for the audio quality of the ads, which is their primary product.

It's a job I can do readily, and could even be enjoyable if the responsibility is backed up with authority. That will be key. If I make it to the next round, that is an issue that I'll have to bring up.

Getting an interview to begin with is a good thing. And frankly, I interview pretty well.

Other news: I expect barda home tonight. Yay!
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