February 26th, 2003


generic update

Went to 'Sconsin for a film shoot yesterday. I don't travel over to the Dark Side very often-- it's like going to Czechoslovakia-- and last night was no exception. They are apparently very strict about the speed limit over there, and although I didn't get a ticket, I did get a flash of the bubblegum for 58 in a 55.

The shoot was pretty uneventful. I set up lighting in record time, and the director loved it. I wanted to tweak it a little more, but hey, if she's happy, it's her movie. We shot for 2 hours in a bakery where donuts were being made by the lead actress. It was kinda funny, because she was really too small to be able to cut the dough properly.

Playing with more javascript. Found some interesting and annoying things trying to access HTML values with javascript methods.

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Today, I am eating healthy. Salad for lunch. And working on more javascript. I don't know if it's a marketable skill, but it's more for personal growth anyway.

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