March 5th, 2003


Fire good. Tree pretty.

Brain is all melty now. I've spent most of the day doing an animatic, which is where images are taken from storyboards and assembled into a rough cut with music and sounds in order to get a feel for the overall flow of the video. It's really pretty cool, but it's also really rough.
Tired now. Sleepy-sleepy.

Not a huge fan of microsoft.

Once in a while though, they hit one out of the ballpark.
Media compression, for example. The Windows Media player formats (.wma, .wmv) actually have better useable compression than the favored counterparts, .mp3 and divx. Compress to something like a quarter of the size. Quality is a little less, but when you have limited webspace available, it's not even a question.


I could never be a commercial artist. I don't have the temperament to have someone sit over my shoulder and tell me to make changes over and over, only to finally come back to what I did in the first place.

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