March 7th, 2003


Feelin' Wonky.

Hard to describe how I'm feeling. Closest I can come is a cross between feeling a desperate need to accomplish something coupled with a total abhorrence of actually doing anything. Not a win-win situation there. I ended up napping to get away from the frustration for a while. It's a little less now, but still there.
I don't know how much of it is due to stress and joblessness, but it's decidedly unpleasant.

Jobhunt update:
Got a phone call from a recruiter about a job that seemed like a pretty good fit. They shipped my resume over and it generated some interest, enough to get an interview.
Then I got a call wondering if I had my resume listed on I do, and have had for over a year. Apparently, they would not interview me if my resume was listed on monster. Something about not wanting to pay the recruiter their fee. I'm a little confused and pissed off, but I should find out more tomorrow.
Frankly, if the company is gonna pull something like that, I am not real crazy about working for them. But an interview? Come on.

Thinking about killing two birds with one stone. Cleaning out the basement and selling stuff on ebay. Could generate some small cash flow, which would be good right now.
Having no money sucks. I'm okay with the big stuff, but it's little things like not being able to run to the store for cheap hot dogs and bread that really smack me down. And there are at least two months before I can even consider spending any money. Unless I find it.
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Qwest customer circus

Have I mentioned that I definitely do NOT like collection agencies?
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Other than that, I set up the fax/modem today to help do some remote troubleshooting for a friend tonight. Should be interesting.

Jobhunt update:
Nothing. No phone interview today as there was supposed to be.

Mystery Meat of the Day:
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