April 15th, 2003


Odd moments of instability

First, and probably the most important: I got my prescription refilled for the Metformin. I feel like I have my brain back. The last couple of days were really bad, evidently bad enough that Barb wrangled things around to get me the medication. Yesterday I almost didn't even get out of bed because my energy was so low. Today, I am out of bed.

Second: jobhunt. I saw a great listing for a position. I met or exceeded *all* of the requirements and nailed the wish-list all the way down. Sent the resume and cover letter.

Today, I got this e-mail:

The manager has been declining our candidates who don't have hands on
experience with USB. So without the exp he is requiring it'll be impossible to get him to consider you.

Now with my experience with communication systems, this is like being rejected for consideration as a housepainter because I have only worked with latex paints and not oil-based. It's a ridiculous and artificial barrier, and one over which I have no control. It indicates to me that the manager is clueless, lazy, or arrogant. Pick two.

City inspector's office: New inspector, "cracking down" on the rules. Apparently even if you have an ongoing construction project, you cannot leave materials outside for longer than 2 weeks, or 30 days with special dispensation. Even if the project lasts longer than that. And get this: there are lengh variance standards for firewood.

Don't these people have anything better to do?
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