April 16th, 2003


I'm geeky?

You are somewhere in-between Good and Dark side
geek. You have been known to game, spend too
much time on your computer, or feel moody after
watching Bladerunner. This is not bad, you are
probably just really involved with your own
world of thoughts or are shy. You might try to
expand your horizions. It won't make you less
of a geek, but it might give you new ideas and
social grace.

how seriously geeky are you?
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No news is good news

A series of disconnected thoughts.

60 resumes sent out yesterday. I'm starting the blanket-bombing approach since the directed approach is producing such miserable results. Only one rejection e-mail so far. We'll see how this goes.

You know, I've been holding back from posting as much because I've been finding myself saying the same old things over and over. I really want to be fun and enlightening, but things are not so much of either as of late.

Lots of stuff to do. I have commercials to edit, a website to finish, things to make, commercials to shoot, TV shows to shoot, a short film to shoot, and a yard to clean up, all coming up in the next couple weeks.

Last night I had a dream. I was contained in a bowl, and covered with a thin membrane. I needed to get past the membrane, but I couldn't. I'm having trouble with the interpretation: the birth-imagery is obvious, but so is the suffocation imagery. And it could have simply been that I had to pee and the pets were laying on the blankets.

Barb's birthday tonight. Low-key. I have a present for her but it isn't finished yet. If I had decent food, I'd cook. I might anyway.

I have thinker's block.

It's cold and rainy. I'd really like to curl up under the covers and snuggle with the pets.
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