April 17th, 2003



Okay, apparently there is something to the shotgun approach to resume sending. I received a single e-mail from an actual person who wants to talk further. Of course when I called, she wasn't there, but still, it's the most response I've seen for many months.

Also found another position where I have nailed all of the requirements and the wish-list. Sent a resume and cover letter addressing each point and specifically how I meet or exceed that point. We'll see if I even get a response.

On the home-repair front:
Idiots. Somewhere along the line, the previous owners painted over the wallpaper. In every freaking room in the house. And now the wallpaper is starting to peel. In places. In the rest of the places, it's stuck tight. It's a nightmare, because once the wallpaper starts to separate, it doesn't stop. And you can't remove it with a steamer, because of the paint.

Barb's birthday dinner thing was nice. I made s'ghetti and burned some stuff in the fireplace, then we sat down and watched Resident Evil on DVD. I was struck by how much the art direction looked like a videogame.
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In other news

Just saw a news report about Northwest Airlines. Apparently in addition to the $11 million in bonuses paid out to top executives, there was a $2 million payout to an ex-VP in a "consulting" agreement. At the same time, NWA is laying off thousands of employees and requesting a 10% pay cut from union workers.


In general, I'm not a huge fan of unions. However, it is cases like this that leave me quite understanding of the role they need to play. I am really bothered by corporate elitism.

Woke up today feeling horribly depressed. Like why-bother-getting-out-of-bed depressed. I did get out of bed, but it was difficult, and after that I actually managed to accomplish some things. Like a complete redesign of a mechanical construct to be stronger and smaller. Works, too.

And no more projects before Convergence.


EQ: 37
SQ: 52

I think this means I'm borderline autistic.

"The extreme male brain (bottom right of the graph) may be a manifestation of autism."