April 18th, 2003



When I woke up, I looked exactly like the picture.

I have a job possibility. On the plus side, this is a company that I have been in contact with before that was interested in me. The job sounds interesting.
On the minus side, it's in Pequot Lakes.

Pequot Lakes!
Pequot Lakes!
A three-hour drive (I've been snooping)
Say it softly it'a almost like pooping
Pequot Lakes!

Contract-to-permanent. I'd have to move there. So I'm considering what it would take for me to get an apartment there and drive home on the weekends.


Paul Bunyan's Bobber. And Bean Hole Days.

If I fished or hunted or played golf, it might be a nice place to be. And maybe I should consider it more seriously. At this point, I'm looking at trying out the contract and seeing where it goes from there.

Of course, I have to get an interview first.

The previous e-mail that I got with the "call me" message-- apparently the company is closed on Good Friday. There is nobody there to answer the phone. Narf!

Recently there was a news story about a boy in Hastings who set himself on fire after imitating a stunt from "Jackass". Burned over 65% of his body. He is expected to live. At least two other teenage boys have died imitating stunts from this show/movie.

The show has a disclaimer: don't try this at home. This is exactly what the burned boy said into the video camera that was taping him as he doused himself with paint thinner.

So I'm thinking this is outrageously stupid. But who is responsible for the stupidity?

Is it the producers of Jackass? I have to consider that grown men who do these incredibly dangerous stunts for entertainment have a screw loose. Of course, they have success and fame now. Johnny Knoxville has landed movie roles.

Is it the hollywood producers (or MTV) that will jump on anything to make a buck?

Is it the kids themselves? Tragedy aside, I have to think that an amount of social Darwinism is in effect here (AKA Stupid People Shouldn't Breed).

Is it Larry Flint, the guy who produced the first video that got the whole thing started?

Is it the parents of the kids?

Is it the people who buy the videos and watch the show making it popular?

Is it the people that market the videos, some of whom can't spell worth a tinker's damn?


I don't have a good answer. IMHO, the blame is shared among all of the above, but I think that the parents are the most culpable, followed closely by the kids themselves. Of course it's easy for me to say, not having children, but how in the hell can you have kids without instilling in them the idea that setting yourself on fire is a tremendously stupid idea? And how can you live to be 15 years old without recognizing that fire burns you?

Yeah, I realize that at 15, maybe you don't think things through as thoroughly as you do when you're 40. And maybe trying to place blame is a negative response, when I should be trying to concentrate on what to do to prevent further occurrences. In that case, I'm trying to look for a locus where changes should be made to be the most effective.

Maybe I should make a documentary. I'll call it "Don't try this at home".
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