April 28th, 2003


Happy Birthday to me!

Today I am old enough where I am required by law to become a conservative and stop listening to rap music. I get to wear my pants pulled up high and say "why these kids today..." a lot.

Last night I was up quite late setting up a SAMBA server.
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I slept in this morning (because I could). I awoke to ALL of the pets being on the bed wishing me a happy birthday by allowing me to pet them as much as possible. It was actually pretty nice.
Yesterday morning, I had put a piece of beef in a marinade and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Today I hauled out the grill, and had the first grilled beef of the season. Just managed to empty out the last of the propane from last year, and in the downtime, I played dog soccer, which consists mainly of a game of I-got-the-thing-you-want-the-thing. Fun dog-play time.
And tasty cow-flesh. Yummy!
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