May 1st, 2003


Do you hear what I hear.


Listen closely.

Hear that sound?

That is me trying to breathe through this weasel-factory I call my nose.

Sinuses swollen shut. Miserable. And it's a nice day.

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    Stuff I'm making myself


So today, despite the pounding sinus headache, I decided to forge ahead and get work done.

First thing was the website update. Got the first release version up and running. No javascript on the order page yet. I need to figure out how to work in a database that isn't structured yet.

Cleaned up the woodpile. Cut all of the long pieces to length, and wore a dust mask and hearing protection. Looked like an alien Mickey Mouse, but good for me.

Tried finishing the Booga Booga commercial. I'm not entirely happy with it, so my plan of getting it loaded tonight has gone awry.

Still, accomplished stuff-- just not everything I wanted to.
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