May 5th, 2003


I have not seen X2.

I may not see it for quite some time.

I would like to see it.

I would like to be surprised by it when I see it.

Please, if you talk about the movie and you feel a need to spoil it, put your talk behind a tag so that I may identify it and ignore it.

A subject of concern

Well, I managed to spend the entire day online.
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I should be outside working on the house, but because it was raining, I decided that being on the ladder would be too dangerous. I spent the day responding to a backlog of e-mail and jobsurfing.

Ah, jobsurfing.

Great job listing. Perfect fit. Job is in Rochester. Posted today. Position was filled.

Great job listing. Position is in San Diego.

Call from a recruiter. Interesting position, I have unique qualifications. Job is in Chicago.

Applied for a multimedia developer position. Massively low pay. Probably too low.

Have not heard from the job in Pequot lakes. Have not heard from Adobe.

Not feeling very confident right now.
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