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May 9th, 2003

May. 9th, 2003

Don't worry. The real world is not for everyone,
and since you can afford to avoid it, why don't
you? Smoke a little, draw a little, make a
little love, sing a little song... You'll join
a fine tradition of Brown graduates who end up
finding themselves... forever.

Which Ivy League University is right for YOU?
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Funny enough, I went to Brown. Just not that Brown.
wtf... you know nothing!
I bitch and complain about shit and people comment
to disagree.

Why do people read your Livejournal?
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Cripes, that even looks like me.
Arial - You're pretty normal. That's certainly not
a bad thing, as a lot of people like you.

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Shit. How boring is that?


So hey, I was up on the ladder again today. Go figure! Six more hours of up and down, and more cuts and bruises.

A little more efficient today. I managed to finish one whole soffit set, and nearly finished another. That only leaves one more, but it's a big one, and the chimney breaks it up in a bad way, so it will probably take a full day or more unto itself.

However, it's raining! Yay! I don't have to be up the ladder in the rain!

We are shooting tomorrow night. It will be raining, so exteriors may be a pain. Then again, I probably won't be able to move, so it all works out. And really, I have most of the day to be not doing physical labor. I think sleeping in is on the menu. Followed by some design work that I've been putting off.

Ahhh... sleep.

Look! No ladder!

I am awake through no fault of my own. This morning while Barb was in the shower, one of the pets knocked over my toolbox with a loud crashy-bangy noise, and I had to go pick everything up. Then since I was awake and Barb was pissed off about anything and everything, she proceeded to yell at me. Barb in a bad mood is not pleasant. I suppose there's a "duh" factor there, but it was unpleasant enough that I couldn't get back to sleep.

I'm pretty sure it is primed by my not having a job. Or more specifically, enough income.
Another recruiter call today. Not a good fit, but more calls this week than in prior weeks. Good sign.
Shooting tonight. Insufficient planning. Not my fault. Barb will be there. If she isn't in a better mood, it will not be a good night.

I think I'll go nap.

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