May 22nd, 2003



Well, I have a computer at work now. More than anything, this is to see if I can connect reliably from here through the corporate gateway and such. It's a little iffy all the way 'round.

Still no e-mail, but that is supposed to be getting solved as we speak.

Incidentally, I'm in the same cube I had when I was here previously. It's a weird sense of Deja Vu, or kind of, because I actually was here before. More a sense of never having left. And reading a lot of documents translated from Japanese makes my brain hurt.

More shooting tonight. Supposed to be a quick night tonight with only two lighting setups. One is on a roof several stories up; let's hope it doesn't rain.
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Something silly on my face

Trying something new-- a local client. Seems like it has some advantages for quick posting.

Sleepy. Major sleepy. I need a fan, and music. I think a CD player and headphones are in the offing.
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Spoo chakalaka

When I get tired, I get really punchy.

No shooting tonight. Tony is sick. I get to sleep.

Somebody on another list mistook me for a woman. It was quite funny getting hit on badly.