June 20th, 2003



Which Silver Screen Siren are you?

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Are we really surprised?

This is simply disturbing.

v. to sniff someone or something.
"Hey, Jose, wanna Rob?"

n. a particularly bad-smelling unit of currency.
"Check out that Robert, Jose!"

interj. a statement of agreement.
"Dude, shall we play with some buttocks?"

adj. carrying a mobile phone.
"Buddy, I'm not going to attack that thong - it's gutter!"
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My mind is in the gutter.

Finished up one gutter set last night. A little over two hours of epoxy, screen, brush, paint, up and down the ladder. Sound dull and boring? Yep. And more unfortunately, the forecast is for rain starting Saturday night, so I basically have to finish the rest tonight and tomorrow morning. If I get it done, I'm taking Sunday off.

Good meeting at work today. Yesterday was frustrating as hell because I didn't know where I needed to make changes, so I spent all day looking at source code trying to find references to things, and running into dead ends. I finally hit the wall when I came across a function that said "documented in the header file", and when I looked at the header file, the documentation said nothing at all about what the function does. The function is something like "get_return_clear_codes", and the description was "get return clear codes". Does it get clear codes and return them? Does it get something called "return clear codes"? Does it get clear codes after you return something?

Today I walked through a protocol add with the project manager. Much clearer. I actually have a place to start now.

Brain is full. Turmoil, and feelings I have yet to identify.