June 29th, 2003


I am gopher boy, pondering reality.

Friday night:
Got home with the full knowledge that I had to build up electronics this weekend. Since I had no real place to do this currently, the drive home was filled with thinking about possibilities of where to set up. The basement is the ideal place for a lab, but it needs considerable work yet (walls, wiring, building workspace, etc.), and since this project is kind of media-connected, I really needed to be in the studio. But the studio doesn't have enough table space. So brilliance comes to me in the form of a diagonal workspace table.
So Friday night was a sweaty mess creating a new table (2 hours), then building the first phase of the electronics project. Which ended up not working. Craptacular. Midnight, went to bed and dreamed of crashing the car.

Saturday morning:
Pre-production meeting for the Horror Incorporated feature film. Still way too early to determine how this is gonna work out, but the first meeting was quite positive. Mostly spent discussing possible locations and process shots.
Finally left for home at about 3:00. Stopped by Radio Shack to pick up a breadboard for this fucking circuit so I could debug it.
Good news is that I wasn't insane, the information that I got originally was wrong, and once I breadboarded it and played around with the circuit, it was a relatively easy fix. So relatively early, phase 1 was done.

On to phase 2, which I decided to build on the breadboard first, just in case. And a good decision, because all the nifty input circuitry I designed doesn't work, and I was able to simplify it. And I was able to get the phase 1 and phase 2 boards connected and operating. So the prototype works. Now I have to build up the phase 2 circuit on the main board and package it all for final phase. But I'm really damn tired, and I want to go to sleep. Unfortunately, the option was to do the testing tomorrow morning. I said it ain't gonna happen until tomorrow night at the earliest.

So I piss off some folks.

C'est la vie.

Tomorrow is more soldering and stuff. In a weird way I'm enjoying it. It's a reminder that I do actually know what the hell I'm doing.

Side note:
I love Brittany Murphy. I got to meet her once while flming Drop Dead Gorgeous. I didn't know who she was at the time, but she was really very nice. Her last several movies have really impressed me.

I like Sam Raimi even more than I did. I found out he was behind American Gothic, a TV show that I used to love to watch.

And I just watched a tiny bit of From Dusk Til Dawn again. I really need to get that on DVD.

Time for bed.
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Completion, part I

So the electronics are done and working.

Now comes the part where I have to program a control track to match an audio track, taking into account some mechanical offsets. It's basically drudge work at this point, but it's a good thing, as this means I've managed to do a serious design and prototype build in record time. We're talking something like 12 hours from concept to working prototype. And that's hand soldering.

I also worked in some dog time today. Went for a reasonably long walk, about an hour and a half. Happy dog, who also got to go for a couple of car rides. She will sleep tonight.

Last-minute Convergence prep. This is the fifth year, and this was supposed to be the year that I refused to work and would be able to actually attend the convention. Unfortunately, I was asked if I wanted to be a last-minute liason, and I ended up saying yes. You see, it turns out that the crew of Trekkies 2 is coming to Convergence to shoot. So me being Mr. Film Guy makes for a dandy liason for the crew. I pretty much get to hang with the film crew while they are shooting, answer questions, and massage Denise Crosby's tired shoulders. Well, okay, I made up the last part, but it's still pretty cool. Or it could be. It's worth a little time to find out.

Really feeling pretty decent lately. The big stressors are falling into place, and I'm actually getting on top of things. It's weird.
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