July 8th, 2003


Weekend update

Big weekend.

For those of you who don't know, this last weekend was the Convergence convention, which is a mainstay of my life. Not nearly as much as some others, but a goodly chunk of time that I spend each year is taken up with convention-oriented antics.

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And today, it's back to the mundane world of work.

I still need a massage. :)
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Pandora ain't got nothin' on me.

It's like the world ended.

I'm pretty much useless at work again today. Part of it is the pain: my body hurts all over, and my right arm is numb from a pinched nerve in my shoulder. So I wasn't kidding about the massage. I even tried to find a massage place in O-town that would take a walk-in, but to no avail. And my normal masseuse isn't answering her phone. Suck!

The other part is that my head is doing spinny-spinny with the creative thoughts. I really got inspired this weekend for some strange reason, and now I'm just gushing with thoughts.

I think it's because so m uch focus and energy was put into doing a lot of drudge-work in the past several weeks, and now there's a backlash. Like the proverbial cork out of the bottle. Spewing forth ideas, me. Not all of 'em good mind you, but spewing nonetheless.

Ah, it will die down in a bit. Then I can get back to matters at hand, like finishing the remaining gutter and painting, and fixing the porch roof. And cleaning out the basement and studio.

And in other news, Horror, Inc. was renewed for another season! That means I have another season's worth of shows to shoot, along with at least one more film this year. W00T!

It's gonna be a busy time.
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