July 10th, 2003



Trouble sleeping last night. Or rather, trouble getting to sleep. A couple hours of tossing and turning led to getting up and picking up a notebook to write in. I think I managed two words before zonking.

I remember that there was something important that I needed to write about. I know that despite my purchase of three sets of numbers, I didn't win the lottery, so that's not it. I managed to turn off my alarm sometime during the night so I slept a bit late, but that's not exactly news.

Dipped if I can remember. Dang.
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A day in the life

At work:

"Hey Rob, how is DDL1 going?"

"Okay. There are a few things that I am missing. Todd's coming back next week, and we should be able to solidify them then."

"Hmm. Did you know that we are going into integration next week?"


"Rob? Why are you making that choking sound?"
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