July 22nd, 2003


Fear and Loathing in Owatonna

I finished work at about 6:00 last night, and did a fish-stop at the hotel, just long enough to bring stuff in from the vehicle. Since it was still relatively early, I went over to WAL*MART to pick up a few things.

As it turns out, you can't go to WAL*MART to just pick up a few things.

This is one of the super WAL*MARTs, with the grocery store, and everything under the sun hidden in a constant bombardment of chaotic color, sound, and video. It hypnotizes you. It caresses your wallet, and says "come on, this is a really good price" and "you really need plastic tumblers with pictures of monkeys on them, only 79 cents!".

I managed to leave after only 45 minutes, with only one more item than I had on my original list. It was a struggle, believe you me.

Then back to the hotel.
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