July 23rd, 2003


From all points of the world

I just got a message from my friend who is in Afghanistan.

He was describing where he was.

"The whole country is an absolute hellhole. Fortunately I am is the safest, nicest, friendilest, area of the hellhole... We have a weight room, tv room with satelite tv, vcrs, dvds. We also have indoor toilets and showers. Yeahh!!!"

Bear in mind that he has been over there for a couple of months already, and it was just in the last couple of weeks that they've had all the nice things like indoor plumbing.

His wife is in Baghdad. She was in one ambush, and two soldiers that she worked with were killed. As he put it:

"If it wasn't for the looting, ambushes, snipers and 128 degree heat it would be a great tour."

Kinda puts things in perspective.
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