August 23rd, 2003


Holy Crap!

Well, came home this weekend to a swath of worm e-mails. 54 of them, actually. I had to generate a new e-mail rule to clip 'em all.

If you are wondering if you might have the W32.Sobig.F@mm worm, get thee hence to the Symantec website ( and download their free removal tool. I had it at work, and I'm very careful. I'm dumping at home right now.


Got up this morning to take the pup to the vet for her maintenance shots. Went fairly smoothly, aside from her being anxious. Then a side trip to the Malt Shop for lunch. And the headache that I started with in the morning was building to the point where I was really uncomfortable. One last chore to pick up some potting soil, and back home where I chose to lay down for a nap.

Barb came in to wake me up a few hours later, and I was burning up, covered in sweat. I had been dreaming about computer viruses invading, and I was losing despite my best work. I was weak and dizzy, and couldn't get up for several minutes.

So I'm thinking that the pub crawl will not be happening for me tonight. And I think my plans for the weekend are pretty shot as well.
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