August 31st, 2003



So the weekend was full of shooting a TV show.

Saturday was a rather physically exhausting nine-hour shoot. That's nine hours straight with no breaks. New camera, a Panasonic DV-X100, which is just sweet, and made us very very happy.

It was a lot of fun. I had forgotten a little how much I love doing this, even coming home feeling like I've been smacked a few times with a baseball bat.
We went long. It was an exhausting day, and we used everyone who was there in one way or another. I even got some screen time as a dead body.

Today (Sunday) was a blast. We had a buttload of special effects shots, and we spent the entire day doing just one episode, for Plan 9 from Outer Space. Yes, the Ed Wood movie. It's a part of the Bela-palooza, which is a celebration of Bela Lugosi movies.
Today, I spent a whopping long time dressed up as Tor Johnson, which involved a latex mask that was like wearing a combination head condom and sauna. I think the longest stretch was about 20 minutes. The mask was made in such a way that I could only see out of one nostril hole, so it was basically impossible for me to see anything on stage, so I did the whole thing blind. I did walk into a few things, like Wolfie's nose during one take, but all in all, it turned out pretty good.

Of course, sweating in a latex mask for 20 minutes at a time leaves you a little drenched, so when I'd take the mask off with this weird sucking sound, rivulets of water would descend onto the floor. And at one point, the girl playing Vampira started laughing, because my breath was condensing on the corners of the Tor mask's mouth, and it evidently looked like I was drooling.

The writing for the show was hilarious. I had to do a pratfall or two, which being unable to see was a little dangerous and I did land on my elbow at one point, but I got off fairly damage free. And it really gives me a new perspective on the folks that have to wear the big bulky costumes all freaking day.

But hey, I got screen time. And that's way cool in my book.

Coming home, I happened across a bonus: someone was throwing out a Mac Classic II, complete with a padded nylon carrying case. I could care less about the computer, but the case looked like new, so I brought it home. Turns out the computer works fine-- I'm gonna see if Barb wants it at all, but if she doesn't, does anyone want a Mac Classic II in working condition?

The case I'm keeping. It is exactly the perfect size to fit the production field monitor, microphone, and all the audio and video cables that go with them. It means not only can I now be better organized, the monitor has better protection than it did in the big tupperware case. It makes me very happy.

You know, it strikes me that one of the big reasons that I like shooting horror and sci-fi so much is the chance to do special effects shooting. We got to use a dandy camera crane, I broke out my homemeade dolly, and I got to set up my portable greenscreen. I missed the runing-over-the-small-children-with-the-car scene due to packing stuff up.

Afterwards, we went to BW3 in Har Mar to kick back and relax. Two more shoots in September, including the Halloween Hootenanny Spooktacular, which will be amazing. If I could, I'd leave the truck packed, because it is such a hassle to pack and unpack.


Feelin' sleepy and satisfied.
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