September 14th, 2003


(no subject)

So here I am back in Owatonna on a Sunday night. Working. Bah.

Stopped at the Wedge and picked up a small loaf of olive bread, which is dinner, and very yummy.

Saturday night was a quick-ish shoot for HI, followed by a rather nice social event of being able to see the completed episodes for White Zombie and Plan 9. And seeing myself on TV was fun, even if I was unrecognizable.

During the shoot, Tony was playing "banjo clem", which was funny as hell-- him dressed in overalls to his knees and a straw hat, playing a banjo. It was so funny, we just let the camera roll as he started singing "are we done yet?", and I snuck downstairs and kissed him on the cheek. It was quite hilarious, and he started singing "I've been kissed by a man" and we all fell on the floor laughing.

It will probably be on the end-of-show outtake bit.

Today Barb and I had lunch before I left, and we made each other cry. I need to stop being so sensitive and caring, because all it does is bring me pain.