September 23rd, 2003


From Here to Eternity

Interview yesterday went well. I do interview well, so that's not all surprising. Turns out the company is not Imation at all, but Kodak medical imaging. Kodak. Ko-dak. I'll give the overall interview about an 80%. The job could be fun and kind of interestting, and my background does make for a good fit. But right now I am so smacked down by the whole working thing that I can't tell whether I would like it. It's a big place-- they actually have a campus with four rather large buildings. And it was a two-hour interview with 3 guys, which is usually good.
There won't be any kind of offer for a couple of weeks anyway, but I am an early pick, so chances are decent. And that doesn't mean squat for knowing whether I will have a job, but it is still nice.

After the interview, I went over to Babs workplace and picked her up for a lunch at Don Pablos, which was good, then home to some LJ/e-mail catchup, and a decided nap. I think it was about 5:30. I just woke up at 3:30, which made for a ten hour nap, and soon I'm going back for more. I am sleep-needy. I woke up with this strange craving for chocolate ice cream, part of which had to be instilled from a dream I was having when I woke up where I was having a talk with my father.

It was a continuation dream. The environment is a familiar one that has a continuing storyline but the same general location. In this dream, we had some sort of a museom of something-or-other, and I was scheduled to be working, but I had been scheduled without my knowledge and I had plans for something else. Nobody was at the museum, and I was sitting with my father at a table up on a hill overlooking the trees and a lake, and I was eating strawberry ice cream. I could tell he was angry with me, but he was being very controlled and just chatting with me about responsibility. I was assenting to him just to get him off my back and eating ice cream, which turned into strawberry.

Ghost of my father. I wish I could deal with him differently. I want to tell him that I no longer need his disapproval, that I am not here to live up to his expectations, and that he is no longer welcome in that guise. Of course there is so much tied up there that it's unlikely that I will untangle the mess anytime soon, so for now, more sleep.

House of the Dead is coming out October 10th.
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I woke up at 1:00 this afternoon. Which means I slept but for a few breaks from 5:30 yesterday. And I probably could have slept more. That's a lot of sleep, unplanned.
Woke up ravenous as well. And stiff.

I still need to unpack the truck from the weekend shoot, and I need to build up a "peep booth" prop (don't ask).

Gonna go shower.

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Oy. Can't I just pick 'em?
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Spiky muffins

It's one of those things that just attracts your attention.

I'm working on the peep booth outside, and it's kind of funny atching the cars drive slowly by. I don't think it's recognizable as such, but it's rather monolithic, and the alley is really pretty boring otherwise. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow, as I still have to paint. It feels good to do something physical and construction-y.
I still have some work to do with the slidey window, and I have to also figure out a section of strip club stage, which means I can officially write off a night at a strip club or two as research. :)
Also spent some time tonight working on repairing the boom mic shock mount. It has to be Rick-proof, which I'm thinking is leading to the purchase of a heavier-duty unit. Unfortunately it's more expensive.