September 24th, 2003


California gubernatorial candidate selector

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1. Arianna Huffington (100%) Click here for info
2. Audie Bock (92%) Click here for info
3. Peter Camejo (87%) Click here for info
4. Peter Ueberroth (dropped out) (70%) Click here for info
5. Cruz Bustamante (65%) Click here for info
6. Gray Davis (60%) Click here for info
7. Gary Coleman (59%) Click here for info
8. Arnold Schwarzenegger (54%) Click here for info
9. Tom McClintock (38%) Click here for info
10. Bill Simon (dropped out) (35%) Click here for info
11. Larry Flynt (26%) Click here for info
12. Mary Carey (23%) Click here for info
13. Angelyne (0%) Click here for info

wow, am I boring.

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Posty posty

Finished the basic structure of the peep booth. Letting the glue cure tonight, then tomorrow we should be good to paint.
I was wearing shorts outside, which was fine for most of the afternoon, but toward 5:00 or so it started to get cold. So now I'm basically a robcicle.
I suppose I could put on pants.

I got to blay bedball with the dog today. It's been a long time, so the rules were a little rusty, and she kept stopping for petting breaks, but all in all she had fun. It was good.

No more calls on the job front.

Strangely calm.