October 20th, 2003


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hedwig and the angry inch
Your romance is more of a love that needs to bloom
within, just like Hedwig of Hedwig and the
Angry Inch. The film features an East German
transsexual who is seeking her "other
half" after constant betrayal. You must
love yourself before you can need another.
You're starting to realize this, along with the
fact that you don't need a significant other to
be a complete person. Your "other
half" has been inside you all along.

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La Paz

Well, I'm back from the dark regions of eastern Tennessee, and in mostly one piece. It was an adventure, and I'm planning on writing a post, but it's gonna be a bit longer than usual, and I have some pictures that I need to get developed, so it'll be a day or two.
Still pretty much recovering from the drive today. But good feelings, mwah.
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