November 12th, 2003


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Grosznii, Romania

Tragedy struck today for a newly married couple.
Alexei Girescu, 28, and Olga Delshov, 23 were celebrating their newly married status in the tradition of their families before them, by riding the ferris wheel of the traveling carnival in which they were both performers in the side show. Delshov, billed as "the Kitten", was covered with a soft downy fur, and Girescu known as "Two Heads" had a second vermiform head that grew out of his upper chest.
Both were riding the ferris wheel in a traditional celebration of marriage when the 115-year-old wheel broke loose and crushed the couple underneath.
Police investigators are calling it a freak accident.

Work avoidance therapy

The cold I've had for a couple weeks is just hanging around, which is annoying the crap out of me. This morning I woke up with a headache again, and though it's diminished somewhat, it's still annoying.
I am chained to the computer these days. I had to fix the chair yesterday, so today I'm sitting higher which is a good thing. But I've had several days of frustration with this particular part of the project, and I'm ready to just walk away for a couple of days.
Can't do it. I have to get this done, but right now it's not fun.
This weekend I have voiceover stuff to do for Horror Inc. That will be a good break, but while I'm not doing that, I have to be coding. Bleah.
I think when this job is done I need to celebrate.


I just found out that we officially got our house refinanced. That means that as of today, we own the truck outright, can pay off several bills, and I will have the IRS off my back for the first time in several years; in addition we will have some left over to fund some home repairs and put into savings, and our house payment will be about half of what the total bill payments were.
Plus we got a percent-and-a-half less on the interest rate.

It's not out of the woods, but the path just got a whole lot easier.
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Yuh-huh. An alien world developed exactly like the old west, even to the point of horses and harmonicas.

Okay, so they just wanted to have some fun doing a western. But it does make for an interesting statement on the whole of the show-- like a don't take us too seriously message.

It does one to ponder.