November 26th, 2003


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Helped move cajones tonight. Discovered that despite a large dose of ibuprofen, my back and knees were not up to the task of lifting and carrying and stairs, so I spent a chunk of time packing stuff in boxes and taping them shut.

chebutykin's new house is really going to be nice. It's already coming along nicely, mostly due to a buttload of work that's being done. New bathroom, new kitchen, nice core woodwork. And a big backyard.

And as I found out, it's about a half-mile away from Thom & Sheryl's.

Assuming I can move tomorrow, I have to get up to get to the Heights theater. If I can figure out where it is...

I hate Qwest.

Yet again, I am out of DSL, and Qwest's response is "sorry, there's nothing we can do, you have to re-order it". Unfortunately, their business office has me currently listed as having DSL, and you can't re-order a service you already have.

After hours on the phone bouncing back and forth, I may be lucky enough to have DSL back by December 8th. If not, I have to find out why, and re-order it again.

Until then, I'm on dialup. Which is not really reliable. And I'm telecommuting, which sucks big time.
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