December 11th, 2003


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Directly behind me in the studio is the window, with a ledge that I use for keeping my stash of Diet Coke cold in the winter. Today it was full of snow, and the dog was upstairs with me.
I made snowballs. She likes them.
I fed my dog snowballs.
Shes a very silly sweet dog.

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I went to an auction tonight, only the auction is next week. So I ended up spending some time with Kristianne and Mark, which was really quite nice. We talked about a lot of stuff, and now I'm all depressed again.

And I have discovered that there is a spammer or group of spammers that are using my domain in their return address, so I have been getting bounce messages. Now I have received notification from AOL that they have blocked my domain for UCE abuse.

Want to strangle spammers.

From Dharma & Greg:

"The kiln blew up in the erotic pottery workshop and there are red-hot ceramic penises everywhere."

"Looks like I'm gonna have my hands full."

Can't sleep, clowns will eat me

I decided to go to bed relatively early (like 1:00) because I have to meet with a realtor in the morning to look at a studio space. Woke up at 3:00. Can't sleep. Figured now I'll just stay up.

The space looks promising. It's about the right size, it has a large clear space, sprinkler system installed, a 600-amp service, kitchen, dressing rooms, and a full basement with amenities and office space.
Downsides: parking is crap, and the interior ceiling on the main floor only has a 12-foot clearance (14 foot nominal height with concrete beams). Parking could probably be added at the expense of a couple of trees, and the ceiling height may not be such a huge issue. 14 feet is the low end of where I'd like to be for both lighting and sound reasons.

It also doesn't have carport access. I'd really like to be able to bring a car in for doing process shots, and there is just no way to make that happen with the way the building is designed. It's not a huge issue by itself because there are ways around that, such as shooting at a different location. It would just be a nice thing.

It's also in Nordeast, not too awfully far from the Heights theater. I actually found it because of windelina's wedding.

The whole studio thing may just be a pipe dream, but there is enough going on that it bears a looking-at.
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The cold creeps in and freezes my ass off. I have put styrofoam in the window of the studio-- actually two layers, one inside one outside-- and it helps. The stairway has no heat at all, and it's like a refrigerator.
I'd really like to have decent heat again. Of course, now we can afford a new boiler.

Studio turned out to be really nice. It was already a nightclub in a previous life, with a stage setup for live bands. The performance area is acoustically treated, and there is a dedicated 300 amp service just for lighting. And the lighting goes with the building. There is also a snake installed for audio, which kicks much ass.
The bitch is parking. There is no parking. This will have to be addressed one way or another.