December 12th, 2003


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Got Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree last night.
Well, okay, technically it's not a tree. You see, two years ago, our old artificial tree died the death of a made-in-China product, and I bought a new artificial tree. Well, there were some issues, and Barb put the tree *somewhere*. So last year, I bought a midget atrificial tree wit built-in fiberoptics. I thought it would be completely tacky and kitschy.
Well, it turned out to actually be pretty cool, particularly at night. And last night I decided to set it up.
It didn't work. Some quick diagnostics, and it was the bulb burned out. A 10-watt MR-11 bulb. And oddly, I happened to have one that I had picked up in a fit of clearance shopping at Menards, so a few minutes later the tree was working once again.
So Barb woke up this morning to a mini-tree and prezzies.
And she's pissed because I got her more presents than she got me. I told her that there's still time. Of course, little does she know that some of the boxes contain multiple presents-- which she should know because I do it every year.
And she doesn't know about her big present yet. You see, she's given me clues as to presents she wants this year. And I have figured them out, but I've been playing like I haven't, and I also bought gag gifts to cover the clues. And the big present was a tough one, and one with the best chance of screwing up. Which of course I did. :)
This will be fun.
Barb also told me last night that one of my presents is coming early, but I'll have to install it. It's a dishwasher. So it's more of a house present, which is something of a tradition.
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I just spent $511.00 on a software upgrade.

And I was happy to do it.

First, it upgrades my main video editing software to the highest possible non-HD version. Sells for $1999.00.
Second, it adds Blade for doing DV and resolution-independent editing. Sells for $499.00.
Third, it adds the Boris FX and Graffitti bundle for effects and titling. Sells for $100.00.