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December 16th, 2003


Throat swollen.

Mary Chris Smith

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 _tekwh0re_s a-rubbing.
11 bardas a-typing.
10 chebutykins a-sleeping.
9 ez2beves a-chewing.
8 fairorianas a-smiling.
7 lexinatrixs a-snorting.
6 lucyruthes a-raving.
5 red mistressgentles.
4 laughing nudas_veritass.
3 Swiss paperhandss.
2 kitten pickykittens.
And a windelina in a pomegranate tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Okay, this is just too funny. The image of windelina in a pomegranate tree is making me giggle.
Oh for fun.
Working on a bug in this program. There is a huge memory leak in one particular portion, and I've managed to trace the memory leak to a particular element. You see, the debugger keeps track of the individually allocated chunks that are lost, and the vast majority of them are chunks that are 6750000 bytes long.
The function that is supposed to handle the releasing of these blocks is returning an error code, and the error code does not correspond to any error code that they have listed.

The monkey, she dances.
Note to self: when cooking with hot peppers, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water prior to touching genitals.
Watching Dr. Phil, for no good reason. Today's show is about Jelly Bracelets, and the sexual connotations thereof.

Am I the only one who is mystified that more parents don't teach their children about sex and sexual responsibility-- including the message that you don't have to have sex with anyone that you don't want to have sex with?

How much of it is because parents don't want to see their children as sexual beings?

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