December 18th, 2003


Oodles of poodles with noodles

Despite LOTRROTK fever, I went to a benefit auction last night. I put up four things:

1 coupon for light electrical/plumbing work
2 coupons for massages
1 coupon for headshots

The headshots coupon started a bidding war, and ended up going for $107.00 which blew me away. The massages went for around 20 bucks each, and the electrical work went for $55. Total take for the night was almost $800, which is going to help a needy family.
I also bought some crap. More crap for the house, friggin yay. Although I did get a cool DVD/MP3/CD/Karoke/ping-pong player/changer and an antique coat rack that are pretty nice.
ANd really I ended up spending less than I thought I would.
I have some cool friends.


All e-mail to the company I'm supposed to be working for is bouncing as undeliverable.

Gonna go nap now.